Tasting & Consultation FAQ

corina_80aWhat can I expect from a Tasting? A tasting includes trying 3 different flavors of cake, (pie or cheesecakes), while talking with a baker. A variety of flavors are available, just check out our menu here. We will need to know your flavors at least 48 hours in advance. If flavors are not given, you are free to choose what is in the shop on the day of your appointment. When telling us of your flavors, be sure to let us know of any dietary concerns for either you or your guests.

consultPageReceiving the utmost attention, expect your appointment to run 30-45 minutes. We will start where it matters: taste. From there we will go over cake design and get the general feel for your special event. A sketch will be drawn and detailed notes will be taken to ensure all your needs are met.

What do I need to do for a Consult/Tasting? First thing is make the appointment by calling the bakery, (253.627.5070) and — if you’re doing a Tasting — give us the 3 flavors you want to taste. Remember, you can taste any 3 combos, so go crazy!

A half hour can go very quickly so the more details you provide, the more time we have to fine tune your order. Bring in pictures, articles, fabric swatches, ribbon or anything that relates to the colors or theme of your wedding. If you like the color of one cake, decoration of another, and the structure of a third, bring in all three pictures and we will design the perfect cake that meets your needs.

You can view our entire online portfolio on Facebook.

All specialty, novelty and wedding cakes must be paid for 14 days in advance. Payments can be made over the phone or in person, never by email. Only so many special events can be scheduled in one day. Your deposit guarantees that your order is slotted for that day. You may still adjust your order accordingly after the deposit is paid. Please contact the bakery directly at 253.627.5070 for pricing, terms and availability.