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corina_80aweddingPage_5What do I need to do first? The most important thing, as you may be finding out, it to secure the day of your event on our calendar. All the other details will sort themselves out, but the minute you know you want to have your special cake made by the Corina staff, put down your deposit and secure your spot on the calendar. Please contact the bakery directly at 253.627.5070 for pricing, terms and availability.

I have no idea where to start designing my cake… You can find many wedding cake resources online using Use their Images search and remember to use descriptive words, like your colors or a specific theme. You can also find magazines at your local Arts & Crafts stores that feature cakes only. You can look at our complete Portfolio on Facebook. Remember, we can use several different design elements to make your couture cake, so bring them all.

What’s the difference of a square cake versus a round cake? Square cakes feed more people, which means they cost more to make. But they have a design element all their own. Because they have more horizontal lines, they always appear shorter than round cakes though they could be the exact same height. It is how our eyes perceive it. To make it appear taller, think of corkscrewing the tiers so the design has more upward flow.

weddingPage_4If I want my cake to be white, can I only choose vanilla cake? Nope! Whatever happens inside the cake is totally separate than what happens outside the cake. You can have German Chocolate in there, The King’s Favorite, Devil’s Food…. And since you can make any tier, any flavor, you can please yourself and your guests.

I don’t really like cake, but everyone says I need to have one… Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be. And if you don’t want cake, we have a host of other options for you. You can still have a small cake for the symbolism, but you could also have assorted pies, cheesecakes, rumballs, cookies, bars, chocolates truffles, cupcakes, mini cupcakes and more… Let it show who you are.

Do you cover your cakes in fondant? No. We use real buttercream and take time to create a smooth and polished finish. Fondant is made with chemicals that, we feel, have no place on a cake. Most people complain of its texture as well as it’s taste; it’s been made popular by TV. We only use gumpaste and fondant to make decorations to go on cakes that are covered in handmade buttercream, nothing out of a bucket.

I’m having an outdoor wedding. Will this effect my cake? It sure as heck will! All cakes, regardless of being buttercream or fondant, are affected by heat and direct sunlight. If you have an outdoor wedding, try to bring the reception in. If a cake doesn’t like the weather, neither will your guests. Direct sunlight and high humidity can cause bubbling. Excessive heat can cause slippage. These things are rare but can happen if the cake, made to it’s standard, is put in to an atmosphere that can not sustain it. Again, if your cake might melt, so might your guests. Try to hold receptions indoors, under a tent, in a breezeway, etc. Corina Bakery cannot be held liable for any damage done to the cake due to direct sun or hot weather.

weddingPage_6How do I get you my topper? Just come in, up to the cash register and let them know the date of your event and the last name it is under. They will mark it and it will go to a special, secure area. Your ticket will be marked that your topper is on hand. We will leave the box and any extra decorations at the venue if we deliver. If you are picking up the cake, we may not put the topper on for transport, but we still need it in case we need to reinforce it and to make sure the design is complete.

Where is there a good selection of toppers? Party World, located on Center St. in Tacoma has more toppers than any store. And if you don’t see what you want, as their incredibly nice staff and they will see if they can special order it for you. You can also try if you are interested in fondant figurines for a topper. There are multiple vendors that can make you a figurine out of polymer clay that looks like fondant, cost the same as fondant, but will last forever. And check out the antique store! We have seen vintage toppers from 1911 all the way to dinosaurs and Star Wars characters. Think outside the box.

I am using fresh flowers on my cake. How do I get those to you? We ask that the flowers are waiting for us at the event, not cut or wired. Just keep them natural and we will adjust them to the design we have agreed upon. If you try to drop them off at the bakery, they will be refused as we are not permitted to house them and also because we might kill them.

How can I make my cake look its absolute best?

Here are a few primo tips:

We highly recommend renting a pedestal for your tiered cake. They come in gold or silver and only in 2 sizes; 3 tier (18”) or 4 tier(22”). You can rent them from any party rental company. Speak with your venue first as they may rent them out as well. If your cake is larger than the sizes specified above, you may have to get a custom stand. This is not an “upsell” as we do not rent them. It is the BEST way to make your cake pop.
Corina rents a cupcake stand that can accommodate a 6 inch cake for the top and can adjust to up to 8 tiers. Call for availability, refundable deposit required.

Take a picture of where your cake will be set up at the venue. Think of what is behind it. Sometimes incorporating room elements can help your cake stand out.

Smaller, round tables are better at spotlighting the cake and making it appear bigger. Avoid long rectangular tables unless you can fill it with flowers, plates, candles. Think of the finished concept before the consultation and you’ll get a more polished final design.

The most elegant tables have some flash of color on them. You can cheaply make a large runner for your table, or simple buy a piece of beautiful fabric and pool it under the rented pedestal. Have your table stand out from the other tables at the event. If the guest tables have white linens, use your other color as the linen for the cake table.

For a fun and vintage wedding, make your own cake pedestals! Here’s the link to the instructions.

Save loads of money and opt for fresh flowers on your cake instead of gumpaste/fondant. Not only is fondant expensive but you can never get the same colors or textures as you can real flowers. Depending on your design, we’ll let you know the amount you will need to complete the look. We do charge a set-up fee, but the cost varies depending on the amount of additional time it will take us to assemble on site and can sometimes be cheaper than a florist.

weddingPage_7Can someone else pay for a portion of my bill, as a gift? Of course. We will attach the payment information to your ticket and notify you of the balance. They MUST know the name the order is under as well as the date. Without that info or a different last name, it can lead to confusion so make sure they know that info. It can be done in person over the phone. We will ask additional billing security questions if done over the phone. We do NOT accept payment via email.

Do you deliver? We do, and the cost to deliver your cake is based on mileage, time, and number of assistants required. To find out how much delivery will be, either call or stop by and we’ll crunch the numbers, we just need an exact address or venue name.

How much cake do I need? Corina Bakery has developed many different options for tiered cakes. Our customer service specialists can help determine a size that’s right for your wedding.

How much is this going to cost me? The most commonly asked question! We offer varying costs on two, three, and four tier cakes, all the way up to eight. Please call the bakery directly for custom sizes.

All specialty, novelty and wedding cakes must be paid for 14 days in advance. Only so many special events can be scheduled in one day. Your deposit guarantees that your order is slotted for that day. You may still adjust your order accordingly after the deposit is paid. Please contact the bakery directly at 253.627.5070 for pricing, terms and availability.

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